Keep Those Feet Moving

Dedicated to those impacted by cancer and personal crises


AJ’s Mission

AJ’s mission is simple: to inspire you to Keep Those Feet Moving, no matter which obstacles life throws your way. Whether you’re faced with cancer, the loss of a loved one, addiction, workplace stress, domestic violence, or any other challenge—AJ’s honest, heartfelt advice will encourage you to Keep Those Feet Moving.

Who is AJ?

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After supporting his wife Cory in her fight against brain cancer, and inevitably losing her in that fight in 2009 (when their daughter was just one-year-old), AJ has dedicated his life to raising his daughter and helping others overcome painful challenges.

As the author behind the blog and upcoming self-help book, Keep Those Feet Moving, AJ has become an internet and social media sensation. He strives to make it possible for anyone to take the steps they need to reach their goals and focus on wellness and happiness—regardless of what they’re going through.


What AJ’s Readers Are Saying

AJ, I am amazed by your writing, and most of all, the depth of your experience. Keep the inspiration alive.’”
— Ali
Every time I read your posts it gives me courage to continue living without forgetting our loved ones. Thanks.
— Martha
Speechless! What a beautiful post and amazing message to be sharing with your daughter and all of us. Definitely motivates me to “keep my feet moving” and looking to the positives to persevere.
— Sammi
Thx for the posts. My wife, Kathy, is passed 20 years ago last month. At times it feels like a lifetime ago. Others, like yesterday.
— William



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“You may not be able to control the situation, but you CAN control your mindset.”

AJ Coleman  |  Founder