Friday the 13th: Two Paths, Two Different Directions


Every so often you come to a fork in the road where you're forced to choose which path to take. These are life changing paths that once you start down, there's no turning back.

I've always used Friday the 13th as a benchmark for life decisions. I guess you could say that my lucky number is 13 so I’m being a little superstitious. I turned 16 and 21 on Friday the 13th. I turned 27 on Friday the 13th, the same age I met my late wife Cory. In 2013, I turned 38 on Friday the 13th.. Double 13!

Superstition aside, it's also the perfect day for me to think about what I want out of life. Where do I want to go and what do I want to do.

And… This Friday, May 13th, is another significant, personal milestone.

Relationships, careers, finances, mental and physical health are what I call “The Quad." These are the defining attributes of how life is measured. Typically each year the entire "Quad" needs to be rebalanced, but in my particular case, I wait for next Friday the 13th.

It's very similar to the story I shared the other day about the mayonnaise jar and golf balls. Sometimes you just have take everything out of the jar (your life) and then repack it back in. You can spend your entire life wandering around aimlessly trying to figure things out. Or you can use a fork in the road to enhance your life and overcome your struggles.

I've always said that you can only struggle for so long before a little voice in your head wakes up and begins to contradict everything you've done. Eventually you begin to reverse your pattern of behavior to achieve greater success.

And success is exactly what I want to achieve next. I look back at all the things I've accomplished, all the obstacles I've overcome, but none of it amounted to the success I desire.

But how is success defined? Is it by wealth? Exotic vacations? Materialistic possessions? No. What about health? Career status? Facebook friends? How does one become successful?

As I come to my fork in the road, I must decide which path to take. Two paths, two entirely different directions. Which do I choose? Hmm, well this is what Friday the 13th is all about!

Don't be afraid to choose your path and "keep those feet moving."

AJ Coleman