Never Say Never

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The word never seems easiest to say during your most vulnerable moments. When you're feeling scared, when you feel pain, when you're frustrated. “I'll never do this. I'd never do that!” We've all said it. But in the end, you never know what the future holds.

I said I’d never remarry. After losing my first wife to a painful battle with brain cancer, the thought of remarrying terrified me. I convinced myself that I was content in the single dad role and living my life through my Daughter.

Time has an interesting way of changing perceptions. I learned there’s more to life than being by myself and that my Daughter needs a motherly figure in her life. I'd like to believe I can play both roles. But let's be honest. . . I don’t know that much about braids, hormones, and girl talk. Nothing! I did, however, learn to coordinate daily outfits, put hair in a ponytail, and understand why girls collect Shopkins. And to be completely honest, I love that I know that.

One day several months ago, my Daughter and I had a long discussion about the possibility of me getting remarried to Tracy. She did most of the talking and I listened to each and every word she had to say. Her words mean more to me than most could imagine. To her, even though she knows Tracy is not her biological Mom, she looks to her as a motherly figure. She wanted to call her Mom.

Leave it to my Daughter who is wise beyond her years to give me the blessing to move on. I’m happy to report Tracy and I were married last Sunday in an intimate ceremony.

The truth is that I loved being married. With my Daughter’s blessing, I get a second chance to share in this amazing experience. As I settle into my second marriage, I’m still smitten by all the little things. It took me a long time to move on from the pain and sadness of what was lost. The truth is I was afraid—very afraid. I was paralyzed by sadness to the point I couldn't fully embrace what was in front of me.

Until now.

There aren’t any words that can truly describe how patient Tracy has been. Most women might not have given me the chance to work through my personal struggles, and I wouldn’t blame them. Thank you.

To my Daughter. Thank you for your love and strength. Your courage is truly inspiring and none of this could be made possible without you.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. I know that If you want it to work, you need to communicate honestly. While I moved on to my second marriage, I still hold my first marriage to heart, and that's OK. In sickness and health means something

I've learned more about myself during the past 10 years than I imagined I ever would. That's why I started this blog to share with all of you. Whatever personal struggles you’re facing, please know that I have been there too, and let me be the one to say that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and stay strong. Thanks for reading and please spread the word. I hope to share many more blogs now that I am resettled into this new beginning.

Never say never and "keep those feet moving."

AJ Coleman