Continue To Celebrate The Life


What if instead of mourning, there was a grand celebration? Wouldn’t the pain and physical void left behind become easier to bare? Would perceptions be different?

Over the past few years, I've lost count of how many condolences calls I've attended. I’m not sure when it hit me, but I eventually realized that funerals and condolences calls are all backwards.

It was difficult at first because of all the personal emotions involved. But after a while, I started doing some heavy thinking. Deep thinking.. which helped me get used to the process. Perhaps we mourn so sadly because we've been conditioned to feel and act a certain way over time.

Throughout life there are celebrations for just about any occasion. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, and graduations are most popular. Career achievements and milestones are often celebrated too. When you think about these times, what’s the first thing that pops in your head? You’re celebrating a joyous occasion, right?

But what about funerals and condolence calls? Why can't those be celebrations too? After all, aren't we celebrating the life of an individual? Instead, the mood is somber, emotional, and filled with grief. The focus is mourning the loss and providing comfort. In the end, does it really have to be? Why can't the life be celebrated?

Last week I spoke about the physical void left behind by loved ones. The reality is that you never truly say goodbye. Think of it more as a "see you later, bon voyage.” While the physical body has departed, the spirit rises and is ALWAYS with you. Depending on your faith, you'll be reunited in the afterlife.

Each condolence call puts my life in perspective, and my experiences have prepared me to keep moving forward during these difficult times. I seek to find positives and balance. To take on other people's pain and sadness, looking for ways to bring them comfort. I can't take away their pain or bring back their loved one physically, but there's got to be something I can do to soften the landing.

I’ve shared many words of wisdom that I’ve learned from my own life, but the best advice I can give is to keep those feet moving. Pain makes you tough. Toughness makes you stronger. Strength brings you to your feet. Your feet get you moving. Moving takes you places. Places create new memories. Memories bring smiles. Smiles bring joy and happiness. Joy and happiness is the way you want to live your life. And if you repeat this process over and over and over again, you may start to change your perceptions and celebrate after all...

Continue to celebrate the life and "keep those feet moving."

AJ Coleman