AJ’s Story

AJ and Daughter.jpeg

AJ Coleman was born in Chicago in 1975.

Throughout his life, AJ has had to overcome tremendous challenges.

As a child, AJ was frequently bullied for being perceived as different from his classmates. But instead of letting social challenges define him, AJ strived to overcome them.

After graduating from Deerfield High School in 1994, AJ attended the University of Florida. He then went on to complete his MBA at the University of Arizona.

During college, AJ started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. Much of his writing deals with how he was able to cope with panic attacks, as he strives to inspire others to do the same.

In 2009, AJ faced the most painful challenge of all—losing his wife Cory to brain cancer—when their daughter was just one-year-old.

AJ started Keep Those Feet Moving in 2013 to share his advice, experiences, and philosophical wisdom with the world. He was inspired to write by the encouragement of close friends and family members, who were all astonished by how AJ was able to stay strong after losing Cory.

Today, AJ lives in a suburb of Chicago. He is happily remarried and focuses his time on raising his family and helping others overcome challenges. AJ is an avid Florida Gator fan who enjoys traveling, learning languages, and playing soccer. When he isn't writing, he always looks for opportunities to self-educate.

AJ’s story is truly an inspiration for all of us to Keep Those Feet Moving, no matter how difficult it may seem at the time.

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